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World Sports Betting casino was founded way back in 2002, and it is one of the leading betting sites in South Africa. It provides 200,000+ live markets for gambling, and it has a huge section of ongoing promotions and bonuses. The option of live streaming is available here with a 24/7 customer support center. Plus, it has multiple payment options so that customers can choose according to their preferences. The following article is a complete review of this betting platform.

About World Sports Betting

World Sport Betting casino is licensed and regulated by the Gauteng Gambling Board and National Gambling Board. The owner of this site is World Sports Betting PTY, and it is based in Johannesburg. This online gambling platform contains a number of casino and reel games with multiple sports betting services. Its attractive promotions and bonuses make customers able to win exclusive prizes and cashbacks while betting here. In the following section, you will see each and every detail about this online gambling platform.

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Some ongoing promotions at World Sports Betting Casino

Not every bonus and offer at World Sports betting is available for new customers and members. There are many offers that can be achieved by old and loyal members of the site. These offers are related to specific betting and gaming sections that users can win according to their winning points and rank levels. At this time, some promotional offers that are available on this platform are in the following section.

Premier League Double Up

Premier League is a famous football event that is available for betting at world sports betting casino. You can gamble on different games at this event, and you can also bet on your favorite players in this league. There are many promotional offers available at this casino regarding this event. One of them is the double-up option. It allows you to win up to R 2,000 if your goalscorer gets a goal in the first half of the game. Make sure that this offer is available on pre-match bets only. Once the match is started, you cannot avail this offer.

NBA Match Handicap Mania

One of the best compensation bonuses here at the world sports betting app is handicap mania for NBA matches. To avail of this offer, you will have to bet on four legs of a single basketball game. If any of your bets let you down, the casino will give you a refund. This refund will be up to R 5,000. This bonus allows you to make multiple bets on your favorite game and player without even worrying about losing them.

NASCAR Money Back

NASCAR money-back bonus is available for straight market wins. You can get this offer for betting options at events like MotoGP and Formula 1 races. The rule of this promotion is that if you end up as a runner-up in betting, you will receive a refund from the casino. Remember that this refund will be of a specific amount limit and it is totally decided by the worldsportsbetting operators.

Duck off and Objection Refund

WSB casino offers specific bonuses to different teams of various games. For instance, the duck-off promotion is available in the cricket section only for Proteas matches. If your selected batsman gets out on a duck, you will get a refund of up to R 2,000. Objection refund is for horse racing betting options. If punters have a horse that has won races in a single competition, they will be able to secure a refund from the casino.

Var Promotion

Var promotion offer is available for the games of English Premier League and Champions League soccer. If you lost your bet because of the VAR decision, you would be able to secure a limited amount of refund. You can claim it within 24 hours after your match is finished. The amount of the refund will increase if the goal scorer whose goal is declined by the VAR is the one on which you have placed your bets.

Soccer Boost

This offer is a boost rather than a refund. You can avail of it according to the number of bets you have placed on soccer games. For instance, if your betting numbers are plus 10, you will receive a 5% boost. Similarly, if the bet numbers are above 15, the boost percentage will rise to 10%. It is available for all kinds of soccer events, championships, and leagues.

Euro Soccer Bonus

Euro soccer bonus is available on games from the leagues such as Primera Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, and Champions League. Get 10+ picks before the match, and on winning them, you will get this 100% boost. You can use this boost to increase the number of your bets and get more chances of winning a real deal.

Multi Bonuses and Esports ACCA

World sports betting casino allows you to put bets on Esports gaming competitions and get bonuses on them at the same time. If you have lost your bet in the final leg of the game, you can receive a refund of up to R 2,000 as an ACCA bonus. Whereas multi bonuses are available for existing or old players of this casino. In this bonus, betters will get 50% extra of their winning amounts if they are making multiple bets on specific games.

Bulls Exclusive

This exclusive bonus is specifically available if you are betting on the Bulls team in a rugby game. With every try that your team will make to try to score a goal, you will get a 5% of your stake back. You can only have this bonus on pre-match bets, and the maximum amount that you can receive is R 2,000.

Exciting promotional offers at world sports betting

In the promotion section of world sports betting, there are various offers and bonuses for betting enthusiasts. These bonuses can be credited, or you can use them as points for different casino games. Some of those offers and conditions that are applied to them are mentioned below.

bonuses at worldsportsbetting

New Player Free bets

As a new member of world sports betting, you will be able to receive many bonuses. One of them is getting free bets as soon as you get registered for world sport betting. This casino offers three initial free bets to players randomly if the bet is KSH 49 or above than that. You can get 25%, 50%, and 100% free bets depending on the amount of deposit that you are submitting. Distributing these bonuses will be in a random sequence, and the company has all the right to change the policy at any time.

100% Money Back Promo

World sports betting site provides cash back prizes to its customers that have lost their bets. However, there are some conditions that are applied to this offer. First of all, you must put a bet more than KSH 49. The next condition is that your bet slip should have more than six slips. You got lost on just one of those bets. And for that 1 leg, you will receive your cashback. Use that free cash to make another bet and try to win all your 6 legs.

Sports Tournament

The world sport betting casino arranges different tournaments that they call tournaments 1-2-3 from time to time to give their customers the best casino experience. You can join this tournament free of cost in the sports tournament section of this casino. It is available for sports betting on basketball, baseball, soccer, and tennis. With every bet you win, you will also receive a bonus from the company side. The winner of this tournament will also get the chance to share the prize pool with other top players.

Referral Bonus

The world sport betting casino also provides a referral bonus to its customers. It gives you incentives when you bring more people to its community. Send the referral link to this platform and ask them to sign up. Whenever a friend of yours makes an account here, you will receive a referral bonus of KSH 100 that you can easily cash out at any time. Plus, playing with friends will bring more joy to betting options and casino games on this platform that you are getting from here.

Boosted Odds

After using the world sports bet login, you will get the feeling that betting odds on this platform are better than any other online casino in South Africa. The team behind this casino makes sure that customers will always be on the winning end. That is why they have increased the odds on betting options. Winning margins have become much more extensive than usual. You can check it out in the boosted odds section of the wsb betting official site.

Suggestion Reward

The wsb betting site always shows positive responses to customers that tell it about issues that are going on its site. It even responds with a bonus or a special prize. If you see anything that is not working properly on the site or you think that something can be updated. Just email the company representatives at [email protected]. If the casino uses your suggestion or if it is valid, they will provide you with a prize that can be of any format. All you need to do is to make suggestions that can turn wsb betting into a stronger brand.

Review of Betting services at WSB casino

When it comes to providing gambling options, the services of world sports betting are very extensive. If you want to take the idea of how betting at WSB can be beneficial, you can check out the following points.

Live Streaming

For some sports, the option of live streaming is also available on both mobile and desktop versions of the World Sport Betting casino. This live streaming option enhances the betting experience to its finest. The formats of streaming videos are High definition, and if you want to check them out, you need to place a bet first.

Sports Market

In total, there are almost 30 sports available for betting at World Sports Betting South Africa. Some of these sports are Water polo, tennis, cricket, ice hockey, boxing, horse racing, and soccer. You can check them out on the left side of the wsb casino website. In the betting section of this site, details about future markets, pre-match, and live updates are available for users.

Bet Limits

On mobile and desktop platforms, you will find different betting limits at World Sports Betting South Africa. On mobile, betting can be as low as R 1, and on desktop, the minimum bet can be placed of R 5. The limit also depends on the market to market conditions. Bets that contain 1 to 9 legs in it can contain a limit of the winning price of R 5,000,000. If you go for legs between 10 to 19, the upper winning limit will rise up to R 10,000,000, and above that, it will become R 15,000,000.

About the odds

Fractional and decimal formats are two ways through which you can check out betting odds. Prices at WSB betting are competitive with variations in profile sporting event values. You will see a continuous update in betting odds at this casino. Though, do not keep up your expectations regarding prices when you are betting on famous soccer teams or tennis players that have a track record of winning many games.

Cash Out option

Cash-out is an option that allows users to make amendments to their bettings. Unfortunately, WSB is not providing a cash-out service currently. It is hard to place a bet on a platform that does not support this feature, but other betting features of this casino are effective enough to provide you with beneficial results. However, rumors tell that the developers of this casino are planning on launching this option soon in the future.

The complete betting process at world betting

As you know, that world sports betting app is not available, but still, the betting process here is very simple and straightforward. The reason behind it is the user-friendliness of the website of this casino. Check this following guide to understand the placing of bets on the wsb betting site.

Visit the sportsbook section

First of all, visit the vast sportsbook section of the world betting website. It will give you an idea about the leagues and championships that are going on all across the world for different sports. Check out the live streaming options to find out the results of different ongoing matches and the ones that are about to start. Take a deep look at the details of different matches and find out their odds. It will help you in the placement of bets and can take out definite wins.

Sign up

To sign up at wsb, you do not have to download the world sports betting app. You can do that by using its desktop website. It has both desktop and mobile versions, and both have a sign-up option. You can search it on the homepage of the site. Once you find it complete the registration process, which is mentioned below in this article in detail.

Add funds

You do not have to get world sports betting app to deposit funds on this platform. You can do that by using the website and the payment methods that are available. If you are playing casino games for fun, it is fine. But if you want to bet on a game, you must need funds in your account. Luckily, at this casino, you can deposit funds instantly. If you face any difficulty or delay in adding funds, quickly talk to the representative of the casino.

Placement of bets

Luckily, you do not have to download the world sports betting app for the placement of bets at this casino. Its website has a wide sportsbook section that contains various gaming options, events, leagues, and tournaments. Browse this section and understand the market in detail. Go to this section and add picks to your bet slips. This will allow you to check out available bet types. Take a look at potential winnings which you can get. After confirming it, just click on the “Book a Bet,” and you are good to go.

Withdrawing winning amounts

There are always two options after winning a bet, whether you are playing at the world sports betting app or anywhere else. First, you can reinvest it and see if you can make more money out of it or not, and the second one is withdrawing. You can withdraw your winnings at wsb by going to the cashier page after leaving the betting portion. There will be an option named “Withdraw” there on which you can click and proceed to payment withdrawal.

The registration process for World Sports Betting

You can only avail of sports betting services once you get the world sports bet login. Without it, you cannot even get its promotional offers. This casino allows users to make simple steps and get connected to this online casino. Just follow the given mentioned steps, and you will be able to make your betting profile on this platform.

  • Search for the official site of world sports betting on any search engine.
  • Once you find it, just look for the sign-up or join now button on this website.
  • If you want precise guidance, just look at the top right corner of the homepage.
  • Click the Join now or sign up button.
  • Once you click it, it will display a sign-up form in front of you.
  • In this form, just put your registered phone number and PIN that you want to set or your betting site.
  • You can even add a promotional or referral code if you have any.
  • After that, just make sure that you have checked the box which says that you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the world sports betting site. Then click on the Join now button, and you are in.

Sign up form

Once you get yourself registered to the site, just use your phone number and PIN to log into your betting account at world sports betting. If in the future you forgot your PIN, just go in the forgot your password option and get it recovered.

Safe and User-friendly website

Unlike many sports betting providers in South Africa, worldsportsbetting does not provide a mobile application option. One of the reasons behind this is that they are focused on providing all casino and betting services to users through their user-friendly website. The site is developed under careful consideration. It has all features regarding sports betting and casino gaming options. On the top of the homepage, you can see various categories from which you can choose what you want to do on this platform.

Compatibility and responsiveness are other features that the website of this casino has. Access to this site can be taken from all types of browsers such as Opera, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Firefox. The site has a remarkable mobile version that is automatically adjustable according to the screen size of the device that you are using.

When it comes to protecting client details and information, world sports betting offers a website that lies in recommended betting sites. Both mobile and desktop versions of this site are safe and secure. It is protected through Secure Socket Layer or SSL encryption. This layer makes the site of this casino capable of securing sensitive information from clients.

Banking options at world sports betting

A number of reliable and secure payment options are available at wsb betting. These methods are safe when it comes to protecting clients personal and banking details. You can learn about those deposit and withdrawal methods in the following section.

Instant EFT

There is no fee for using this payment method. The minimum amount that you can deposit and withdraw through this method is R100. You will get the confirmation of your transaction within 1 to 3 business days through this option.


The deposit and withdrawal limit through this payment option is R50. You do not have to pay any money while using this method. It is quick as it will give you the confirmation of the transaction within 1 day. Ekbet App also uses this same payment option due to its reliability.


R50 is the amount limit that is on both withdrawal and deposit while using Skrill method at the wsb betting site. It does not cost players anything to use this option. The transaction processing time here is also 1 working day.

OTT Voucher

Minimum deposit that you can make at world sports betting by using OTT Voucher is R100. However, there is no limit when it comes to withdrawing money through this process. Processing time can be late and quick according to different profile cases.

Visa and Mastercard

R50 is the deposit and withdrawal limit on using Visa and Mastercard for transaction purposes on the wsb betting site. It will take 1 to 3 working days for this payment method to process your money. Though, there are no charges for using these cards.

1 Voucher

1 Voucher is also among the payment options available at this casino. There is no withdrawal limit for this option however, the minimum deposit limit is R100. Processing time for this option can be different according to the service provider or customer profile.

Blu Voucher

Using Blu Voucher is beneficial when you want the payment process done without any minimum withdrawal limit. However, there is a minimum deposit limit on this payment option which is R100. You would not be charged any money for using this payment method.

Summary – WorldSportsBetting contains Everything!

There are some features that make a betting platform versatile and beneficial. It should have a perfect website. Customers can use multiple payment methods on it. And it should also contain casino gaming and sports betting options. World Sports Betting casino fulfills all of these feature requirements. Betting on this casino will provide you with exclusive betting odds, various casino games, and a secure digital gambling platform.

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