1. Pure win

₹10,000 welcome back bonus

With an array of casino games and with the touch of authenticity with a great environment created by live dealers, this casino launched wit ht the aim of being only run by Indians and to segment only Indian players is our top choice. It was launched just two years back but has made a great name for itself.

2. 22bet

₹10,000 welcome back bonus

With a huge collection of games that has a non-complex overlay, it is a great name in the Indian casino scene. It supports UPI and gives you the ability of unlimited withdrawals, and is not just popular in India but has a good audience in Europe and makes it one of the most trusted UPI betting sites in India but beware of the lack of bonuses.

3. Casumo

₹3000 welcome offer if you bet ₹1000

It has marketed itself with its vibrant colors that attract customers but it has a very simple overlay that makes it easier for people who use UPI betting to play over here. The customer support is decent and there are many channels to resolve your issues, the number of games is decent but the biggest seal of approval of this casino is because it is licensed by the UK gambling commission and Malta Gaming Authority making it one of the best betting sites with UPI.

4. 10Cric

Free spins and ₹10,000 welcome back bonus

The default currency of this betting site is Indian rupees making the use of UPI for it was a great option. You can bet on popular sports like Cricket, Horse racing, and Kabaddi. It has great smartphone apps but the only issue is the lack of Hindi language.

5. ComeOn

₹2500 welcome back bonus

With many high-quality casino games and with more than 10 years of experience, the casino has many ways to deposit money including UPI. The live casino is one of the most popular in India and promotions are one of their biggest strengths enabling the players to have more power. There is a lack of customer service

6. Parimatch

₹4000 welcome back bonus

It is one of the most unique sports betting sites in India, with great payment methods including the convenient UPI. The interface is simple, the virtual sports bettings are state of the art and are easy to use on all kinds of devices, the only downside is that the sportsbook can be expanded.

7. TwinCasino

Up to ₹40,000 welcome back bonus

The holy grail of slot games in India is right here, with a live casino to immerse you into the authentic way of playing with a fair mechanism and great encryption. Now they have made it easy with the help of UPI to increase the payment options for Indian users.

8. Rabona

On the first deposit the betting bonus of ₹8000

It is new to the Indian market but is already polished in many departments where the old guns lag behind. The live betting experience is innovative and one of its kind with the virtual sports betting feature giving the competitors a tough time. They have started to accept Indian rupees now and the integration of UPI played a paramount role in this.

9. Betway

Up to ₹2,500 in bonuses

This is an amazing and one of the most reliable websites on the web and in India, it is the choice of many due to the great odds during the cricket season. Casino games, bingo, and esports are also part of the package. It is secured and has certifications from UK and Malta and the transactions you make here are encrypted with the best technology out there.

The sites that use UPI for betting have increased tremendously and the sports betting industry has taken full advantage of the convenience it provides to their customers and the ease that comes with it for both parties. Betting from the comfort of your home has never been this easy.


The biggest and the most popular betting site around the globe is working in India now. The website is solid in all departments and now it also became one of the UPI betting sites in India. Alongside betting you can enjoy free live streaming of the sports you are betting on with seamless quality.

Up to ₹4000 in bonuses

Register here 

The 10 Best UPI betting sites in India have no match in India as they are all well versed in security, customer satisfaction, and commitment. Lets get to know more about them.

Pure Win

Pure Win is a site that surely will mesmerize you with the gaming collection they have, it ranges from roulette to Baccarat while Blackjack is a fun experience tied with many other games, they have not forgotten the desi touch with Teen Patti holding you captive to the adrenaline rush only desis can relate to.

The live casino they offer is secured and it is seamless, you won’t experience any nasty bugs or hindrances due to server issues. Making it a great and to be fair the best option in India for live casino games.

It is made for Indians by Indians and thus integrating UPI into the site was a no-brainer for them as it is India’s gateway to the digital payment world making it the best of the 10 Best UPI betting sites in India.

22 Bet

Betting options, checked! Sports betting, Checked! More than 50 Sports to bet on, Surely Checked! All these checkmarks make 22Bet your best option for UPI sports betting in India.

From Cricket to Darts and even winter sports, the betting options are never-ending. Although the site is not run by Indians it is for Indians and thus they have given respect to the Indian rupees and one of the main channels of receiving them is from UPI.

During the peak season of cricket and the recently upcoming world T20 where Pakistan and India are in the same group and millions of people will bet money on the match between them, put a reminder for yourself to get yourself registered for the website.


Casumo with their innovative design and sleek look are certainly making themselves a top inspiration for the betting sites operating in India. considering Casumo for once won’t be a bad decision as they have one the biggest games collection in India with security that is recognized throughout the whole globe and the trust the players have in them is perhaps unparallel.

Deposit methods were many but now becoming a UPI betting site certainly has given them an increased level of attention in India. Casumo is not a good option though if you are into sports betting and won’t be a recommended option.


10Cric is a tailored sporting website for Indians, with a particular focus on Indian athletes. The sportsbooks are easy to navigate and there are all the major sports that the Indians are keen on.

They have done their research well and saw that there are not many sites that are tailoring their website in regard to the Indian athletes, they have done that; which has been a success grabbing them lots of customers.

They provide promotions daily and this is one of the best ways to capture the audience, the promotions are not ordinary and one of the most famous is to boost your odds of winning. Making it the best in promotions in the 10 Best UPI betting sites in India.


Betting features that are essential are part of ComeOn, the design and the look and feel is modern but it is not complex and easy to navigate. The number of sports is less than other options but they can challenge some big guns in the market who are still hesitant to increase their number of sports for betting.

The special feature of ComeOn is that you can earn special coins and they are not paid & it is a reward for you as you play. They can be used to buy different promotions to increase your chances of winning.

There are a plethora of games that can be considered great for people invested in classic and modern casino games alike.


The overall feel and look are to have a non-cluttered experience with too many options confusing its players. Simplicity is the key when you choose Parimatch. It is quite different and unique in its own way and there is no betting site in India that offers the same level of uniqueness, signing up here just for this won’t be a bad idea.

At Parmiatch you can watch free sports with full HD quality and they have placed great emphasis on viral sports and are over 30 in number. The sportsbook is small but the quality is there and if you are one of those seeking quality over quantity then Parimatch is a hit, not a miss.


The first thing you will notice on TwinCasino is that they welcome you with a generous bonus that gives it a great edge over the competition. The usability of the app and the website is simple but stylish. The app sadly is only available on Android keeping in mind most Indians are on this platform but an IOS version is promised.

The payment methods are secured and now they have reached out to the general public of India by offering UPI as a deposit and withdrawal method. The licenses and security offer indicates the trust and legality of the website, so your money is safe and secure.


Rabona is a new kid on the block but this kid is polished to deliver the best experience for its target audience. The modernity and the ease are found on many websites but the speed optimization of this website is best in India.

virtual sports are becoming popular in India and they have an array of options from virtual horsing to virtual football. The site is still new and is not rolled out for the Indian audience fully but as time has progressed they are taking steps and one of them is the use of UPI as a method of payment on the website.


India’s best site for many because of how long they have been in the Indian and global market. It will be an understatement to say that they are the most secured betting platform in India.

Betway can do no wrong except one thing. It is a live betting platform, who placed great emphasis on getting rights of almost all the major sports in the world to stream for its players, with almost endless options for betting but the customer support has worsened in recent years and has been on the decline for a few years now which makes such a company a target for critics.

Being an established brand they are not too keen on giving you promotions and thus as a new player you should look for other options where promotions increase your odds of winning and then come to Betway.


It is a good option to begin your betting journey as a beginner but it is not a bad option if you are an advanced player. Bet365 caters to the need of both audiences with a great selection of betting options on sports like cricket, hockey, and mixed martial arts. The live streaming is free for all those registered on the website and has the best deposit and withdrawal speed in India and it is further solidified by how they have become a UPI betting site recently.

All the major betting features will be and are available on Bet365 and some the competition can’t even think about implementing. But they are an established brand and thus bonuses and promotions can’t be found in bulk here unlike other options. But despite this, it is still the best international betting site out of the 10 Best UPI betting sites in India

What is UPI?

UPI is backed by the government of India, which is an indication of the level of trust you can have on this platform. The development of UPI was done by the National Payment Corporation of India. With few clicks, you can use UPI for a plethora of things and betting is one of them, you can deposit money very easily, and with each passing day more and more betting sites are taking advantage of UPI.

It is one of the most innovative ways in India to make cashless payments and in the majority of cases, you just need a mobile number to get registered alongside few other documents to make payments through this channel.

There are many UPI apps out there with millions of customers and we will talk about them shortly.

Pros of using UPI

There are many advantages of using UPI and it has made digital payments a dream come true in India.

  1. You get a pin that makes it secure and only you can make a transfer with UPI. This means as long as you are careful and don’t fall victim to fraud or phishing you will be safe.
  2. There are no charges unlike a bank account and this subsidy is given by the Indian government. This also applies to betting sites and they don’t take or cut charges from you that you will see on other means of financial transactions like online banking.
  3. You can link your bank accounts with UPI with ease and deposit money from there into your UPI wallets.
  4. You can send money to bank accounts using UPI and it is not strictly UPI to UPI transfer. This makes it very easy to deposit money to betting sites as they don’t use UPI as their medium of receiving money.
  5. Transfer from bank accounts to UPI is seamless and there are no hidden charges.
  6. The UPI is available 24/7 like online banking with great customer support which is customer-centric and protects your rights as UPI is backed by the government of India.
  7. You don’t need to go through the hectic procedure you face during the opening of bank accounts in India and this only requires minimum data like the national identity card and your mobile number.
  8. The clicks of a few buttons or options make it is easy to use a medium to send money and people of every age group can use it.
  9. There are benefits like bringing customers to UPI will give you bonuses, if you are sending UPI to a new customer you get a cashback, and likewise, if you are being sent money as a new customer you get a cashback.
  10. You don’t need to fill in details like ATM card number, account number, IFSC code rather the easiest thing you put in is the virtual address of the person you are transferring funds to and it goes. For example Rajesh@examplebank.
  11. There are many apps you can choose from and not be tied to the app your bank provides. This has stirred the market because each app is unique in its own way and the market segmentation they are doing is helping the customers because the competition in this niche is growing with each passing day. The giants have fallen and from the ashes, some old giants are gaining their footing again, you will find more about it as you read.

Cons of UPI

UPI has made significant advancements but there are still some restrictions you need to keep in mind because there is nothing in the world without few cons.

  1. UPI is not a good option if you have to transfer a large amount because there are certain restrictions o the minimum amount you can send and you need to thus find another medium. This is the prime reason that on betting sites many people do several transactions instead of one large transaction and it is frustrating and time-consuming and kills the flow of the session for a player.
  2. You need the UPI pin to be able to transfer funds, yes it makes it secure but the length of the code is only 4 digits, which is not as good as having a password which is harder to guess.
  3. If the server of the bank is down, then UPI can see many issues.
  4. You need a smartphone and high-speed internet for the seamless working of the app, which is still not accessible across India.


The UPI is certainly a great medium to bet and it targets the common Indians who don’t have a big budget so the first con, that you have a restriction on large payments won’t affect the people the betting companies are targeting with the integration of UPI. Thus the best UPI betting sites know what they are doing and whom they are targeting and have weighed the pros against the cons and made their decision.

Why Should You Use UPI For Betting

There are several compelling reasons that make one go for UPI as their channel to use on the betting sites. Thus the 10 Best UPI betting sites in India are making it more lucrative with each passing day for people to use UPI as their withdrawal or depositing method. first of all, it is backed by the Indian government so the betting sites are getting in their good books secondly the UPI is an easy and accessible thing for many while making a bank account, and retaining & maintaining it is a hard thing in India due to strict rules and regulations.

One-click payments

It is the easiest method, you just need to open your favorite UPI app in your android or IOS device and then after few clicks, you can deposit or withdraw the money without any hassle. The best thing is that it is very fast and in few minutes you will have your money in your account or the deposit to the betting site will be done & then you can play on your favorite UPI betting sites with ease.

Welcome bonuses

As UPI is a relatively new method for betting and it saw a surge during COVID lockdown and as the lockdown is again on the horizon and the world is fearing another wave of the deadly Coronavirus, the UPI betting sites will increase the lucrative bonuses and upgrade on the current offer they have and especially for UPI players. It is still considered bad in India to bet and thus giving people easy ways with minimum deposits to get rewards to lure them into this world is a great marketing technique and thus almost all the 10 Best UPI betting sites in India gives you a welcome bonus after you deposit money to their sites using UPI.


Using UPI is very easy. You don’t need any hectic steps to be able to start playing on your favorite websites. The UPI betting sites have made it easier by providing one-click solutions to the hard depositing methods that you face using conventional methods. You just need to go through a small identification process that we have explained later on.

Government’s backing

The UPI is a secure platform that is backed by the government and thus the rules and regulations in the place will always be in favor of the general public. The issue that you might face is that it is regulated by the government and there will be a small hindrance if you are concerned about your privacy but again there are very few apps, services, and websites on earth that don’t collect your data.

Less loss

People generally keep less money in UPI apps as it is still not considered as secured as a bank account on a wider level and it will take lots of time and marketing from the UPI apps to make that happen. Thus the majority of the players will not bet all their important savings due to the adrenaline rush that the betting sites use to take money out of you.

How to make a UPI betting account

The UPI betting account is a two-step process, you need to know that in the first step you have to choose a UPI provider, we have made a list of 5 of the best options for you, and in the next step you have to register your account.

1. Look for a legit betting site

The first step is to look for a betting site that accepts UPI as a medium of depositing and withdrawal money. Then check the certificates to make sure it is a legal and secure site that won’t run away with your money or private data, thus it is advisable to use the 10 Best UPI betting sites in India that we have listed as they are checked by us and we found no issues that can land you in hot waters.

2. Create an account

There will be two options, sign-up or register; and it depends on the website you are using. Then a form will appear asking you to enter details, for example, they can ask for your mobile number and email with name and other important data like date of birth, address but don’t worry it is lawful to ask for these or it will be hard for the government to get rid of illegal means of betting.

3. Verification

The verification process differs on each site but the most common method of verification is the receiving of your OTP code that is sent on your email or mobile number that you have to add. There are websites that identifies who you are and may ask for a picture of yours holding your national identity card.

4. Deposit Method

Selecting a payment method is the most important thing, if you do this step wrong then using UPI for betting is kind of hard. First of all, there you will see many channels through which financial transactions can occur, e.g. cards, banks. Add a deposit amount that meets the minimum requirement on the website.

5. Verification of UPI through OTP

You will receive another OTP password (the first one was for your mobile number) but this time it will be for your UPI app. This is to create a VPA. Enter the details and make a UPI PIN. There are now two options for you, IFSC code or a QR code, now open your UPI app and then confirm the transaction.

6. Payment received

The payment is received on the betting sites in no time. Takes on average 10 minutes and you get your bonuses at the same time. If you don’t receive them then contact your UPI app customer service or the betting site’s.

5 best UPI apps

You can’t make UPI betting accounts, first, you need to choose a UPI app then after that you just deposit the money using them on betting sites that support UPI and use the 10 best UPI betting sites in India.

 1. Google pay

Google play was the first Indian mobile payment app and used to be called ‘Tez’ but then the acquisition by Google rebranded it to Google PAy. Google Pay has several great features and few cons but the overall experience with it makes it our first pick.


  • It has an easy to use UI
  • No advertisements
  • Screen lock


  • The in-app events are annoying and there is no clear option of opting out of them.
  • No wallet
  • Bombardment of notifications

2. Paytm

Paytm had one of the best marketing campaigns in the history of India and it has helped it gain a great share of the market. It is a brand that is easily recognized by the majority of the Indians and thus the trust in this is great.


  • Has a wallet unlike Google Pay
  • QR code scanning to pay at malls etc
  • Screen lock


  • Ugly banners
  • UI is not simple
  • UI stutters

3. PhonePe

It is one of the most popular apps in India and even surpassed the transactions that any app in the market made and even more than Google Pay in December of 2020.


  • Wallet
  • Screen lock
  • QR code


  • Ugly ads
  • Outdated UI
  • Bugs in the app


BHIM is a very innovative yet noncomplex app. There is an option to set a custom UPI. The other features it has can be found on many other apps but this is the stand-out feature that sets it apart.


  • NPCI official app
  • Screen lock
  • Finding UPI merchants


  • Severe bugs
  • UI is very outdated
  • Updates roll out is slow

5. Freecharge

One of the pioneers of the UPI apps in India is now on a decline but still manages to have transactions of over 50 crores every month. The most breathtaking thing about this app is the sleek and modern design and how innovative it is with its navigation bar at the bottom.


  • Minimalistic UI
  • Custom UPI ID like BHIM (not as good)
  • QR code scanning
  • Wallet


  • Annoying banner ads
  • Trust is on the decline

How To Use UPI Account for Betting

You need the UPI account for two steps on the betting sites, the deposit, and the withdrawal.

Making UPI deposit on Betting Sites

If you skipped depositing from the above instruction then there is another way of depositing to UPI betting sites. First, choose your favorite UPI provider among the list or beyond our list. The process is a few steps process after this. Open your UPI app and follow these few instructions:

Go to the betting sites and click on create an account, join or other relative terms, then:

  1. Go to the section of your betting site where there are options about financial depositing like the banking section.
  2. You will have many options there but choose the UPI as your deposit method, a UPI Id of the site, or the virtual address of the site will open.
  3. Now select the amount you want to deposit, be warned that there is a minimum deposit on each site, and before making an account do check it in the info of the website.
  4. Open the wallet of your UPI app and enter the ID we talked about in step 2 or alternatively if it is the virtual address then add that and send the deposit.

It takes some time for the money to reach the betting site but if it is delayed more than one and a half hours then contact the customer support of your UPI provider and they will most likely resolve your issue.

Making UPI withdrawal on Betting Sites

The process of depositing on betting sites with UPI is like a piece of cake and likewise with the withdrawal. Successful bets mean money and to withdraw them, there are very few secure and encrypted methods other than UPI betting sites.

Money laundering through is a big issue worldwide and one of the biggest issues in India. Thus you need to verify yourself on the UPI betting sites to meet the anti-money laundering requirements as in the legislation of Inida. After this basic identification, you will be able to withdraw the money with no hiccups.

Here are the easy steps for this:

  1. Log in to your favorite UPI betting sites.
  2. Choose UPI as your withdrawal method from the settings.
  3. Do remember that the withdrawal with UPI has limitations as you can withdraw a minimum amount.
  4. Verify it in your favorite UPI aim and take your deposit.

It takes a maximum of 2 days to get the withdrawal processed and if it takes more then contact the customer service of your UPI app or if the issue is on the side of the betting site, then contact them afterward.

The Bottom Line

10 Best UPI betting sites in India are doing great for the overall economy of India. The betting industry is one of the largest in the world and it can make many people rich overnight and take money from many people in no time if they are not careful. Nevertheless, the main focus is on the economic activity that is done in a legal way with an app that is regulated by the government. Illegal betting is a big issue in India and especially betting on cricket games where many renowned criminals are involved in this and that money can’t be regulated by the Indian government. These UPI betting sites are a fresh of breath air for the authority as they have a complete say on the platform they created to digitalize India and they can see who is doing the financial transactions and for what reasons.

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Frequency Asked Question About UPI Betting Sites

The answer to this can vary from site to site and there is no one clear-cut explanation for this. You need to check the sites you are betting on before depositing money with UPI but the minimum amount generally is ₹1,000. These minimum deposits come with great bonuses and they are great value for the money. This can either make you and take you to the top or break you if you lose and get the whiff of gambling without proper methodology.

10 Best UPI betting Sites in India on our list are considered safe, encrypted, and secured. That takes the importance of data theft very seriously and has employed experts of the field and technological advancements take place regularly at their company to make sure you are playing in a safe environment. It doesn’t matter much if you are using UPI or any other method for depositing or withdrawing money as long as the website is trusted. Before betting on any website do look at the history and the certificates of that website. The UPI betting sites are not liable if you give away your Pincode to someone by will or by fraud and it results in money being taken away from your UPI app.

This again depends on the websites. The best UPI betting sites in India do give a bonus if you deposit a minimum amount and then you can further proceed and make a great earning out of it. The deposit varies from site to site and is given in one form or another but it is there to win you and show you that you mean a lot to them and it gives you a launching pad to make a good amount of money if you know what you are doing.

Yes, they are absolutely legal subject to the certifications they have. The UPI is no different from online banking and if online banking is safe to use on a site then depositing and withdrawing money from UPI sites will not create issues for you legally. Just make sure the site you are betting on is one of the 10 best UPI betting sites in India or at least a reputable site.