What Does Void Mean On FanDuel Parlay? The Complete Details

You can use sports betting odds to match payoff to the chances of favourable results. Parlays are a way to get a huge payout without having a Cinderella to win the race, title, or game. Besides, parlay betting tells gamblers to continue their estimations and predictions for a single bet. But winning a parlay is not an easy task at all. Especially when there are three or four outcomes or predictions are available. But the potential payoffs and odds are eye-catching. So if you want to know what does void mean on Fanduel Parlay, we explain this statement in this article for you. Also, we explain the standards and rules for parlay bets for your knowledge and convenience.

The Sportsbook Rules

What does void mean On FanDuel Parlay? But before answering this question, it is necessary to know about the rules of Sportsbook. The Sportsbook Rules and Regulations apply to all the markets at Casino Resort Spa. The Sportsbook House Rules comprise of the following:

The Introduction Of The General Rules

The general rules apply to all the bets generally. If there is any difference between the general rules and specific sports rules, we will give priority to the specific sports rules. Besides, the general rules apply to all categories of markets or bets that are not available in the specific sports rules.

In addition, the sportsbook has the right to change the sportsbook house rules at any time with the permission of the Mississippi Gaming Commission. Moreover, the authority can make some modifications on posting out to the customers.

The Customer Responsibility

The customers of sportsbook should be aware of all the questions and queries regarding the sportsbook house rules. They should contact customer service in case of any problem. Also, you can contact the Mississippi Gaming Commission if you want to resolve the issue.

What Does Void Mean On FanDuel Parlay
FanDuel Sportsbook

What Are The General Rules Regarding FanDuel Parlay?

According to the general rules, the following persons do not have permission to place wagers and collect winnings:

  • The person is wagering or getting cash on behalf of the other person.
  • The persons on the exclusion list.
  • The individuals are having the age of 21 years.
  • The persons involved in the federal crime regarding sports wagering.
  • The employees from the sports governing association.
  • The athletes who have contracted with a member club of the sports governing association.
  • The employees of the union representing game officials.
  • Relatives who live in the same household are mentioned in the above clauses.

Retail And Kiosk Betting Tickets

  • The sportsbook is not responsible for stolen and lost tickets.
  • The sportsbook has the right to delete, add, or change the rules of the sportsbook.
  • Besides, the sportsbook has the right to refuse the wager. They can delete or limit the selections as well.
  • The sportsbook has the right to determine maximum and minimum wager limits on all the events.
  • The customers should verify all the information regarding wagering tickets accuracy before leaving the betting kiosk or window.
  • Management is not responsible for omissions and errors of the tickets when the patron has left the betting kiosk or window.
  • The customers will get the emails for redemption.
  • Winning tickets will expire one year from event time. Central Time is the time of tickets.

Calculations of Wager Types Including FanDuel

The calculation of the various wager types is as follows:

Teaser Payoff

Odds are calculated on the basis of the prices of individual selections.

Point Spread Payoff

Bets on the point spread are available from 11 to 10 odds. For instance, the player should bet $110 to win $100.

Parlay Payoff

Odds are calculated based on the prices of individual selections.

Moneyline Payoff

The Moneyline shows a three-digit number. For instance, -$120 shows that the player will have to bet $120 for every $100.

Notification of Line Changes or Odds

Changes to odds are available on kiosks and electronic boards.

Funding of Wagers

Customers will receive fund wagers from the sportsbook retail location. Besides, retail betting windows accept winning tickets, cash, or chips, whereas Kiosks accept cash only.

General Rules of In-Play Betting

  • If there is no scheduling of turning the in-play market, but the sportsbook fails to suspend the market at the right time, then, in this case, MGC will receive the notification. Moreover, the sportsbook is aware of the errors.
  • The sportsbook has an objective to use its efforts to suspend the in-play markets at the end or the start of the vent. But the sportsbook does not ensure that these markets will suspend or not at the right time.
  • Further, the sportsbook has the right of its discretion to fully or partly suspend the selections or outcome in the market.
  • The customers of the sportsbook are responsible for the management of their in-play bets at all times.
  • Further, the customers should be careful regarding the transmission for the purpose of in-play betting.
  • The customers should know that the bet requests take some time in processing for operational reasons.
  • If the sportsbook accepts the bet on the market, then MGC will get a notification as soon as possible.

    What Does Void Mean On FanDuel Parlay
    FanDuel Sportsbook Betting

How to Parlay on FanDuel?

In a parlay, you can place a bet to win. If the parlay legs hit, you will win more amount in comparison to your amount of bet. But you will lose the parlay if you miss one leg even.

How to Chance a FanDuel Parlay?

It is not an easy task to make a parlay chance at a sportsbook such as DraftKings. There is a procedure to withdraw money from DraftKings.

Follow this process to chance a parlay:

  • Navigate to the desired sports.
  • Choose two or more than two games.
  • Head to your bet slip. Then click on the parlay. This step is missing in many of the books. They will list the parlay above or right below the single bets.
  • Finally, enter the bet amount and then submit it.

What Does Void Mean on FanDuel Parlay?

If FanDuel sportsbook accepts the chance on the market for which the result is already available. So it will refer to the void chance. Hence, no winning amount is payable as a result regardless of the chance of losing, pushing, or winning.

What Does 4-Team Parlay Pay?

When you hit, then you must calculate the payout. It should depict 1149.21. It means that your $100 4-team parlay must earn you $1,149.21 after when it hits finally.

What is The Maximum You Can Chance on FanDuel?

For instance, -110 refers to that the player should bet $110 for $100. Similarly, +300 refers to that the player should win $300 for every bet of $100.

Is There Any Limit For FanDuel?

The users cannot enter the amount exceeding 5,000 contests per state. Besides, the users cannot enter the amount exceeding 1500 NFL contests, 1000 MLB contests, 500 PGA contests per state, 500 NHL contests, or 1000 NBA contests for all the contests that have an entrance fee of $10 or less than $10.

Can You Chance on FanDuel When You Are Under 21?

You can place bets using the online mobile app or sportsbook website by the rule of law. Besides, the requirement of age for FanDuel is that your age should be at least 18 years.

How Much Time Is Required For Withdrawing Money From FanDuel?

If you want to withdraw money through online banking, it will take almost 2 to 4 business days in processing. Moreover, if you want to withdraw money through a check, you will receive it within 7 to 10 business days.

Can You Write Off The Losses of FanDuel?

You can write off the losses of FanDuel by showing your deductions on a form that refers to Form 1040, Schedule A.

Will You Have to Pay Taxes on Fanduel Winnings?

IRS reports all the earnings of a minimum of $600. So if you take this amount to your home on your lucky day, the organizers will send you the IRS a Form 1099-MISC.

When Can You Not Withdraw Money From FanDuel?

You must enter FanDuel contests by using the bonuses. You cannot withdraw those bonuses. The withdrawal process is only for winnings. Further, if you want to refund your deposits, you can contact the customer support team.

Can You Get Cash Early on FanDuel?

FanDuel allows you to close your chance whenever you choose, regardless of the ongoing game. If you find that the game is not going in your favour, you can cut the losses. Then you can exit the wager with the feature of FanDuel cash out.

What Does Void Mean On FanDuel Parlay
FanDuel Sportsbet

Summing Up: What Does Void Mean On FanDuel Parlay?

In sports betting terminology, void bets refer to the bet that will not pay you out. Besides, you will receive your original wager back. So if you ask what does void mean on FanDuel Parlay? The answer is if FanDuel sportsbook accepts the bet on the market, the outcome of which you have already calculated, then this bet will be the void bet. So you will not get any payment for it regardless of the bet that is push, lose, or win. Besides, a void bet counts as a push. It removes one leg of parlay. Hence, a leg parlay will reduce up to 9 legs, and payout will follow suit.

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