The Biggest Roulette Winners: The Complete List up to 2024

Some experts have defeated roulette through their luck and cunningness. Even some players have earned huge money by defeating the odds of the game. So if you want to know about the biggest roulette winners, this article is for you. The gambling history has the stories of some popular roulette winners.

The bare truth is that the house always wins at the end of the game. This statement is true about the roulette game. Roulette is such a game that the players enjoy purely based on chances with some casino advantages in their minds. But it is a bare truth that if some players have won huge money from the roulette game, the casino will get back their money in many ways. But all the players play roulette with an expectation to win it. Moreover, some players win the roulette game through their skills and efforts. So you can enjoy these skill games as well.

the biggest roulette winners
Roulette Game

The Complete List of The Biggest Roulette Winners up to 2021 for your Inspiration

Now, we give you the list of all the famous roulette winners who have set the records in the history of gambling. The following are the name of the biggest roulette winners:

Charles Wells

Charles Wells earned two million francs in 1881 belonging to Monte Carlo.

Ashley Revell

Ashley Revell won $270,000 at Las Vegas casino in 2004.

Chris Boyd

Chris Boyd won the whopping amount of $440,000 at the Las Vegas casino in 1994.

Pedro Grendene Bartelle

Pedro Grendene Bartelle earned the prize money of $3.5 million in Rio de Janeiro in 2017.

Sir Philip Green

Sir Philip Green won the total amount of $2 million in London in 2004.

Mike Ashley

Mike Ashley won the amount of £820,000 in a Casino in London in 2008.

Joseph Jagger

Joseph Jagger earned the amount of $375,000 in Monte Carlo in the year 1873.

Sir Sean Connery

Sir Sean Connery won the whopping amount of $27,000 at Saint-Vincent Casino in 1963.

Now we give you the full details of the biggest roulette winners:

Charles Wells-A Man who Earned 2,000,000 Francs

Charles Wells won 2,000,000 francs in 1891. He was a shady person and a small-time crook who used to enjoy gambling. He visited the popular Monte Carlo Casino Resort in 1891 and played roulette. Besides, he won many roulette games. So he had a winning streak of playing the roulette game in his lifetime. Statistics show that he won twenty-three out of thirty roulette games consecutively. Interestingly, Charles Wells played his roulette games so well that the bank was not able to pay all the money to him. So he managed to break the bank that night when he won a million francs. Therefore, he became the inspiration for the song, “The man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo.”

Charles did not stop that time. Even a million francs was not enough for him at all. He went back to the casino and tried his luck. He won a million francs again. Besides, the sources report that he did so only based on luck. He did not adopt any cheating trick. Charles Wells was a popular scammer so the casino took extra care about his play. But the casino did not find anything dishonest in his playing style. It is not possible to calculate the exact amount in this modern era that Charles Wells won because of his scams. Due to his scams, he was sent to jail for eight years. He died in Paris in 1922. Even nobody knows about his millions of francs but he lost all the winning amount in his schemes.

Ashley Revell-The Ultimate Winner of Roulette

Ashley Revell won $270,000 in a roulette game. The story of Ashley Revell is appealing. He decided to change his life entirely in 2004. So he collected all of his life savings and went to Las Vegas. He was ready to wager all his life savings on roulette. Besides, he sold his car, watch, house, and all the clothes. So he decided to try his luck by selling every single penny that he had at that time. The story of Ashley Revell is so fantastic that the series of TV documented this event.

Ashley Revell wagered his entire amount that was $135,000 on a special day. He bet on red. When the ball fell in the red 7 pockets, he breathed restlessly. But Ashley doubled his amount and won $270,000. Indeed, this is not a huge amount but the guts Ashley Revell had were commendable. Therefore, we have included his name in the list of the biggest roulette winners.

Additionally, Ashley started an online poker site using his winning amount named Poker UTD. Besides, he has made a new site that is I Gaming Recruitment. This site works to provide job facilities at online casinos to all jobless people. So he is doing a great job after getting his prize money. There is some good online poker website as well that you can enjoy.

Chris Boyd-A Man who Doubled His Earnings

Chris Boyd won $440,000 in roulette. He decided to wager $220,000 that he collected within three years. He went to Las Vegas in search of the most suitable casino for the biggest bet just like Ashley Revell. But he did not find the best casino for his bet first. All the casinos refused to accept his request. But he found the best deal at Binion’s Horseshoe Club.

Binion had the strict limit of betting that was $100,000. But they decided to accept this exception. As a result, they permitted Chris Boyd to try his luck. Moreover, they were allowed to cover the 00 pockets because they had the American Roulette wheels. So they turned it into the European Roulette wheel effectively.

Boyd wagered his amount of $220,000 on red and won $440,000. The ball landed on 7 red allegedly. It was the same pocket that helped Ashley Revell to win the whopping amount. The payout for these kinds of bets is one on one as per the rules of land-based and online roulette games. Finally, Boyd walked with a huge amount from Las Vegas. There is no further information regarding his following activities but he earned a good amount of money in Las Vegas.

Pedro Grendene Bartelle-The Average Roulette Player

We have discussed the average players who played and won the European Roulette and some other variations. But we have some other examples of the popular roulette winners. So the next player on the list is Pedro Grendene Bartelle who won $3.5 million in 2017. He is the owner of a Footwear Company that is the third-largest company in Latin America. Besides, his uncle is the owner of a large corporation in a similar industry. So it looks like a family trait.

In addition, Pedro Grendene Bartelle did not need money since his wealth shows that he could easily afford $35,000 on a single bet. He put the lucky number of 32 and won the whopping amount of $3.5 million.

Sir Philip Green-The Business Tycoon

Sir Philip Green won $2 million in 2004 through the combination of straight bets and even money bets. He is a business tycoon who owns various fashion retail companies. So he is another player who could afford to wager large bets. He is an avid blackjack player as well. But his sharp and bold roulette wins and bets helped him to make a record in history. He won $2 million in one night in 2004 at the Les Ambassadeurs. Moreover, it was the first biggest roulette wins in the same year. Also, he made $1 million in the next visits on the roulette table.

In addition, these events urged the officials at London Clubs International to issue statements regarding reducing profits according to the Telegraph. So the richer people than the casino can prove as a great threat regardless of the house advantage. But the rule for the remaining players is that the casino always wins.

Mike Ashley-The Billionaire Entrepreneur

Mike Ashley won £820,000 in 2008. He is not an average player rather he is a billionaire entrepreneur. Also, he owns multiple business ventures. He is the owner of the football club Newcastle United. But he decided that his billions of dollars are not enough for him. Therefore, he tried to earn huge money through roulette in 2008.

Mike Ashley went to a casino in Mayfair. He wagered the amount of £480,000. He wagered on the inside bet including the number seventeen. This particular style refers to as a complete bet. It involves streets, corners, splits, straight-up bets on seventeen, and six-line bets including seventeen. Moreover, he wagered his money on some other bets including black and odd, column, middle column, middle dozen, and first half. He was familiar with his doing at that time.

As a result, Mike Ashley won a whopping amount of £1,300,000. The total net profit was £820,000. This was indeed a small amount for such a wealthy businessman. But the appealing thing is that the ball landed exactly where he wanted it. So he made a good profit.

the biggest roulette winners
Mike Ashley

Joseph Jagger-The Story of Biased Roulette Wheel

Joseph Jagger won $375,000 in 1873 by taking the advantage of a biased roulette wheel. He was a gentleman who worked in the mechanical industry having sufficient knowledge of machines. But he went to the Monte Carlo Casino one day and bribed some clerks. Those clerks wrote all the results of the roulette wheels in a joint for some weeks. Joseph noticed that one of the roulette wheels was biased towards some particular numbers upon inspecting the results. The pockets 29, 28, 22, 19, 18, 17, 9, 8, and 7 hit a lot than the other. So it was not natural for the random roulette wheel.

Moreover, Joseph utilized this knowledge and visited the casino once again. So in the next few days, he won more than $375,000 by taking the advantage of the biased roulette wheel. This money is in the millions in this modern era. But the casino came to know about the defective wheel and they removed it. But Joseph did not care about that. He took all his winning amounts and invested all the amount in his business. Then he never entered the casino again after that incident.

Sean Connery-The Inspirational Story of a Common Man Becoming The Roulette Winner

Sean Connery won $27,000 through multiple bets on seventeen. He was a gambling enthusiast before becoming a popular actor. He had faced a hard time when he was growing in the working class of Edinburgh. Even he worked many labor jobs for supporting his family financially. But he went to the casino in 1963. He wagered multiple bets on the number seventeen. As a result, he won the amount of $27,000. Indeed, this is not a huge amount but he managed to win this amount due to overcoming all the surprising odds.

Additionally, he was not successful in his first bet on the number seventeen. But he repeated the same bet. Unfortunately, he got the same results. But due to his persistence, he wagered on the number seventeen for the third time. As a result, he won the amount of $27,000. Then he planned to wager his winning amount on another seventeen. Then he won again. After that, he wagered all his winning amount on seventeen for the last time and won again. Amazingly, the odds of hitting the seventeen three times are 1 to 50653 in a row. He will win the seventeen again after some years but as James Bond in the classic movie.

the biggest roulette winners
Sean Connery

How To Play Roulette?

It is quite easy to play roulette. If you prefer to learn through practical experience, you will start playing roulette online to earn real money. The process of learning how to play roulette is straightforward. You need to select a reliable casino website. After that, you must select the most favorable roulette variation for you. Then you can place bets on various variations of roulette game. There are various roulette bets including even, odd, black, red, straight, column, and dozen.

But if you are a new player, we suggest you start playing with RNG roulette games. The reason is that these games help you to play at your pace and way. There is no need to handle pressure while placing roulette bets in this game. Besides, when you get some experience, you can earn money by winning roulette games. Also, the majority of veteran players have started their roulette journey with RNG roulette before going to the live casinos.

In addition, you must set your limits before starting playing a roulette game. It is important to learn for learning how to play at the casino site for real money. Whether you take a high chance on inside bets or place outside bets, do not bet more than you can afford to lose.

The Basic Rules For Roulette

The following are some basic rules for playing a roulette game:

  • You should not place bets exceeding the table limits.
  • You should place the bets on the dedicated spots on the table.
  • It is the only dealer who pays the winner and touches players’ chips.
  • You can place roulette bets before the closure of the dealing session by the dealer.
  • There are black and red pockets on the roulette wheel.
  • There is an extra pocket on the American Roulette wheel.
  • The dealer will pay you the money for different bets.
  • You cannot touch the marker of the winning number while playing.

Easy Strategies for your Understanding

The rules of roulette are simple to understand. You have a wheel that contains black and red slots having the numbers from 1 to 36. Also, there are one or more green zero slots on a roulette wheel. There are some points of difference between American double-zero roulette and European single-zero roulette. Moreover, there are 0 and 00 pockets of the American roulette wheel. The additional double zero pockets will increase the house edge.

Further, all the players place their bets on the roulette table. The dealer spins the wheel. He throws a small ball on the wheel. The winning number is the number of the slot in which the ball lands. You will get a payout if you have bet on a single number or more groups of numbers. Besides, there are some different points in wheel layouts and roulette tables. But it does not matter the outcome of the roulette game at all. But the important point that you should consider is that you must focus on the types of bets you place while playing the roulette game.

Types of Roulette Bets

You can place bets on a single number or group of numbers in a roulette game. You can bring odds on different betting combinations. When you bet on more numbers, there are more chances that you will win the bet. Further, there are three main types of roulette games including announced bets, outside bets, and inside bets.

Inside And Outside Bets

The bets that you place on the numbers in the roulette game refer to as the inside bets. The bets that you place in roulette games on the other sectors refer to as the outside bets. There are five types of outside bets including columns, dozens, 1 to 18, odd or even, and red or black.  Snake bet is another outside bet that is available in particular variations of roulette games. It makes the shape of a snake and contains red numbers. One chip covers all the numbers in this bet. Whereas some games are black snake bets. They relate to a snake but comprise of the black numbers.

The house edge is different as per the various types of bets. Besides, there are seven types of inside bets including basket, trio, corner, six-line, street, split, and straight. The inside betting combinations are easy to remember and logical. Inside bets give you the chance of various payouts. Further, the house edge of the bets depends on one zero or double zero pockets.

Announced Bets

Moreover, announced bets are the combinations of French Roulette. Also, they are available in online European Roulette variations. They all have their particular French names. You must know all the names. The first bet is Voisins du Zéro. It also refers to the neighbors of zero. This bet consists of the zero and seven numbers on all the sides of the zero. The other bet is Le Tiers Du Cylindre. You can find it opposite the Voisins du Zéro. It covers twelve numbers from 27 to 33 on the roulette wheel. Also, it translates the one-third part of the roulette wheel. It covers all the numbers including 33, 16, 24, 5, 10, 23, 8, 30, 11, 36, 13, and 27. So it is a six-piece bet. The other famous bet is Orphelins. It has all the features that are not available in Tier bets and Voisins du Zéro bets.

Some other special types of roulette bets include black or red splits and finals or final. The final bet allows you to bet on the last digit of your winning number. The black or red splits are the combinations of all the splits of similar colors that are available on the roulette table.

The Online Roulette Games Offering You The Biggest Wins

You can enjoy multiple variations of roulette in land-based and online casinos. Besides, you must choose the right game always. You can even explore the various variations of roulette games. Therefore, if you choose the right roulette game, it will give you the highest return to the player. Some roulette games offer you side bets. Also, some roulette games reduce the house edge that offers that minimum roulette probability. So, we tell you which roulette games offer you the best return to player ratio below:

Classic Roulette

The classic roulette game gives you almost 97% return to the player. You can make the maximum bet of £100. Besides, you can win the maximum amount of £3600.

Ra Roulette

The classic roulette game gives you almost 97.30% return to the player. You can make the maximum bet of £7500. Besides, you can win the maximum amount of £15,000.

Premier Roulette

The Premier Roulette game gives you almost 97.30% return to the player. You can make the maximum bet of £125. Besides, you can win the maximum amount of £4500.

French Roulette Gold

The French Roulette Gold game gives you almost 98.65% return to the player. You can make the maximum bet of £100. Besides, you can win the maximum amount of £3600.

Pinball Roulette

The Pinball Roulette game gives you almost 97.30% return to the player. You can make the maximum bet of £10,000. Also, you can win the maximum amount of £20,000.

Double Ball Roulette

The Double Ball Roulette game gives you almost 96.60% return to the player. You can make the maximum bet of £2,000. Besides, you can win the maximum amount of £72,000.

London Roulette

The London Roulette game gives you almost 97.30% return to the player. You can make the maximum bet of £10,000. Besides, you can win the maximum amount of £20,000.

3D European Roulette

The 3D European Roulette game gives you almost 97.30% return to the player. You can make the maximum bet of £1000. Besides, you can win the maximum amount of £36,000.

Monopoly Roulette

The Monopoly Roulette game gives you almost 94.70% return to the player. You can make the maximum bet of £10,000. Also, you can win the maximum amount of £30,000.

Lightning Roulette

The Lightning Roulette game gives you almost 97% return to the player. You can make the maximum bet of £10,000. Besides, you can win the maximum amount of £20,000.

So there is a variety of roulette games that you can play and win huge money. But the most important games are American Roulette and European Roulette. Besides, some other games have interesting themes, attractive designs, and best bets options. Hence, when you play at the roulette table, you can avail many advantages compared to playing in a typical brick-and-mortar casino. Also, some US casinos offer you huge roulette libraries along with live dealer titles and RNG.

Who Was The Biggest Roulette Winner of All Time?

Since we have discussed all the profitable roulette games, so now we move forward to the biggest roulette winners of all time. Most of the famous roulette winners are popular celebrities and successful businessmen. Whereas, some roulette winners are normal people having the potential to play with a huge amount of money at stake. They have made amazing records by utilizing their skills and expertise. But is a truth that all the high bets are not for all the players. If you have a huge bank balance and want to play a roulette game, it is not enough. Besides, you must know what you are going to play. You should have a complete idea about the roulette game.

Luck-The Most Important Factor

In addition, there are various betting opportunities in the roulette game. There are some odds and payouts as well. So you should make it your priority to learn all the basic rules of the roulette game. Indeed, you cannot become the biggest roulette winner with your knowledge of game rules and skills. The most important factor is luck in almost all gambling games. Moreover, there are fifty percent chances to win the game. Also, the representatives of the roulette winners give you one-to-one odds. If you are a mobile player and want to join the hall of fame, you should know the best iPhone roulette casino.

You Should Be Responsible for Gambling

You must know all the rules about responsible gambling. It is entertaining and exciting to play like a devil but at the same time, you must gamble with responsibility. So you should play with the money that you can afford to lose easily. Further, the following stories of roulette will seem interesting and appealing to you. But if you say that all the stories are true, it is not like that. Therefore, you should always gamble responsibly. Also, you should always enjoy the game. But if you find that you are not enjoying the game, you should leave it then.

Wrapping it up: The Biggest Roulette Winners

Roulette is an outclass game that millions of players enjoy globally. We have given you the list of all the biggest roulette winners in this article. These famous roulette winners are Sean Connery, Joseph Jagger, Mike Ashley, Sir Philip Green, Pedro Grendene Bartelle, Chris Boyd, Charles Wells, and Ashley Revell. The winning stories of these greatest players depict that anyone can win the roulette game through their luck. Even you can become a billionaire by wagering your life-tome savings. But you should adopt the strategy of the biggest roulette players except for Joseph since he made his winning amount through a biased roulette wheel.

This article is about the popular roulette winners who managed to beat the house through their luck and effective strategies. The real story of Ashley Revell shows that if you have enough passion and enthusiasm, you can even double your fortune within a few minutes. Besides, there are multiple strategies to get the biggest roulette wins. But the story of Joseph Jagger depicts that the table strategy of roulette is not always related to reading the books about the game.

In addition, you can play high-stakes roulette online if you want to get a massive profit. So start playing roulette if you want to become a part of the list of the popular roulette winners. We wish you good luck with your roulette game.

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