Good Bet Consequences For Couples: Best Ideas

The center of attention of our article will be the good bet consequences for couples and not the bad bet consequences that may arise. There are going to be two primary consequences of a good bet for couples.

  1. Putting a stop to and be content with what you earned.
  2. Calculating risk and going further for more winning.

In both cases, the couples may find it hard to manage the money and the problems that may arise between them. Let’s not deny a fact that money creates conflicts and it is normal human behavior and the couples are not immune to these conflicts arising from money problems.

In this article, we will try to focus on the good bet consequences for couples and how to not make them toxic for your relationship. As the relationship is foremost and the winnings from a bet come in the secondary well not even secondary but the tertiary sphere.

What Is A Good Bet Consequence for Couples?

Money as we have talked about before creates big conflicts, our aim is to have good consequences while placing the bet with our significant other. The good consequences in terms of money that you will earn from these bets and the positive effects to have on the relationship.

We want to lose money neither we want money at the expense of our partner. There are many ways to achieve both of these goals, with high chances of success, stay tuned with us.

How Do Couples Achieve Good Bet Consequence?

There are ways to do this. There are two rules you need to keep in mind, the first rule is to research well and to give importance to your partner’s choice and opinion but if they are wrong, then respectfully disagree with them by providing facts, that way you will not compromise your relationship. The second rule is to bet whatever you can afford to lose and the last rule is┬áto make it fun.

1) Research – First Rule

You need to do concrete research. First of all grab a pen or pencil or heck even use a notepad on your laptop or mobile.

Now jolt down the experience you two have, for example, your girl will be good at poker as she has played it a lot while you might be the kind of the blackjack, do this research first on each other. Find the absolute weak points, the absolute positive aspects, the worst aspect, and the absolutely great assets of each other, this was the first type of research, the research on each other.

In the second research, you need to find the best websites or casinos where these games at which you and your partner excel are located. The payout, the recent winning, the integrity of the place, and how friendly it is for couples should be checked before deciding on a casino. Know one thing, there might be casinos that your partner doesn’t like because of a bad gambling experience so never force them to go there unless they want to and admit that that was just an odd day. The absolute vital thing you should know is, that there is no force here in order for good bet consequences for couples.

2) Bet Whatever You Can Afford to Lose: 2nd Rule

A relationship is not in the present it is also in the future. Once you are in one then the responsibilities will double. It is a generally accepted opinion that the women and men betting together can’t keep track of money and they can underbet or overbet, while also creating issues and bad bet consequences are thus prevailed instead of good bet consequences for couples.

As you grow together you should know that the expenses are going to increase, keeping a saving and putting your money in some profit-making endeavor is not a bad idea. Using all your saving or the money that can be used to create small income streams should not be gambled, always gamble whatever is in excess because if you don’t do so then being a couple and being broke is one of the hardest things imaginable and it can create everlasting issues also resulting in blame game and eventual separation.

3) Make It Fun – The Last Rule

For good bet consequences for couples, it needs to be fun. That is important, as betting can bring a lot of stress. Be prepared and follow your first 2 rules, this rule is now all about fun. Don’t let your partner be crippled by the burden of winning something by hook or by crook, remember this is the money you can afford to lose, and also don’t forget to remind each other that extensive research was done. If you make it then you will earn well but if not, then the money was not as important and we could afford to lose it, in easy words it was just excess cash.

Making Good Bets Outside the Casino

You can also make good bets that are non-monetary and they can be a lot of fun. Yes we gave you three simple rules to win and not lose the integrity of your relationship to get to the good bet consequences for couples but people don’t follow these rules 100% and if you are one of those then making good bests outside the casino in a healthy manner will almost always result in good bet consequences for couples.

Here are some of the best bets you can make with lots of fun and no money involved.

Bet on the Weather

If you live in Uk, like I am nowadays, then you will realize how fast the weather change. Betting on the weather is a very good and healthy way. The couples will enjoy it a lot as the weather forecast can be fraudulent at times, and then both of you can make it a ritual-type thing that can last generations.

Bet On the Ending Of Movies

There are many movies like for example Se7en, that have the most bizarre ending with one of the greatest twists ever. Like this, you can watch a thriller, a mystery, or even a horror flick and sit with your partner to bet on the ending. The one who is close to the actual ending will get a reward.

Cup Flipping Game

Couples of any age will enjoy this creative bet as it has sets of rules that even the elderly couple can easily grasp. Setting it up is very easy, on a flat elevated surface, place six short sticks. Between the third and fourth sticks, you and your partner will place money (both of you have to put money of the equal amount) leaving two spaces on both sides. Next, you will flip plastic cups with your partner. The person who flips their cup upright the most and moves the most spaces wins the money when the stick reaches their end. A fast-paced bet like this is interesting since it requires fast hand-eye coordination.

Turn a piece of paper into a banknote

It only takes flammable paper, a banknote, and a lighter to perform this trick. Your partner will need to hide the banknote thrice, which you should fold and hold in your hand. Show off your flammable paper to your partner and set it ablaze. Put the banknote on the front of your thumb by pushing it quickly from your palm.

This is a bet that they can win if you don’t practice well but if you pull it off then it can be one of the most amazing memories between you two. A partner who can perform magic, who wouldn’t want that?

Winner Will Choose the Netflix Movie

Netflix is an important part of our lives. It has replaced the traditional TV and there might not be any couple who don’t Netflix and Chill, it is a great way to have fun and complete your bond. The best movies are there and TV shows but picking from hundreds of options is not easy and it all becomes very hard when you have a contrasting choice from that of your partner. The best way is to place a bet on this and whoever loses it will have to endure their partner’s choice on that night. Now that is one of the good bet consequences for couples.

Sexual Bets

Sexual bets are one of the best things for couples. Sex is a holy thing and it creates a bond that is amazing. Betting on sex is a good thing. There are plenty of ways of doing this, for example, if you are into one kink and your partner is hesitating then by making him lose a bet you can have that, but please make sure it is not forced and they are doing that with full consent at the end.

You can use sex toys, a position your partner likes, words your partner likes as bait here to give them the time of their lives.

Bet on Video Games

One of the most fun things that you can do with a gaming console (which lies in almost any home) is to fire up a game and then let the CPUs play with each other. Your partner and you can sit and bet on your favorite character, the best game recommended for this are:

  1. WWE
  2. Fifa
  3. NBA 2k
  4. NFL
  5. UFC


Betting as we said is of two types, one that is competitive and real money is on the line while the other ones which you can have with your partner for fun. The good bet consequences for couples is the aim in both cases. But keep in mind at no point you are allowed to offend your partner as that is one of the most terrible things one can pull off.

The bets are important to earn money in a competitive environment and in a friendly environment, they help you earn something more than money, bonding. Both are important and there is a need to balance both, don’t incline towards money-making bets only, and certainly don’t always take the side of the fun bets. Striking the balance is vital and only then you can have a good betting consequence.

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